Hotel Radisson postcard

Postcard for the Hotel Radisson. Photograph from the collection of the Hennepin History Museum.

A cool lounge

In 1936, the elegant Lounge Pierre at the Hotel Radisson, 41 S. 7th St., gave the city’s elite a new venue to dance and drink away the stresses of the era. Named for Pierre Radisson, a French fur trader who visited this area in the 17th century, the lounge featured a spacious dance floor, live music, murals by artist Arthur Crisp, ample space for both drinking and dining, and — still worthy of advertising at the time — full air conditioning. The Minneapolis Star’s Cedric Adams enthusiastically described the Lounge Pierre at the time of its opening: “off the lobby you go into the most attractive lounge room the town gives up. Clever murals, tricky lighting, even peach mirrors that make women look lovely at night.”

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